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Potential Portents, Ominous Omens, And The Signs Of A Job In Jeopardy!

While we often talk about how to find that dream job, the indicators that your job may be going away, either via layoff or firing, are often overlooked. Think your job may be in jeopardy? Look for these signs and make sure you’re prepared if and when that time comes.

• Responsibility Reorganization
If you’re suddenly given new responsibilities that require unrealistic achievements, it can be an effort to show you can’t do what your employer considers necessary, which could indicate it’s time for you to look elsewhere. Conversely, if your responsibilities are downgraded or lessened, it’s likely a sign that either you’re no longer considered vital or the company no longer has the business to keep you busy.

• The Open Door Policy Comes To A Close
Is your boss no longer receptive to your ideas? Are you no longer included in meetings that affect you and your responsibilities? Are there an unusual number of closed door meetings between your boss and his superiors? If the doors that were formerly open and inviting start to slam shut, then it may be time for you to consider other options, and close the book on this chapter of your career.

• Beware The New Kid In Town
Got a new boss? Whenever a new exec comes in, you have to prove yourself all over again in a very short period of time. If your style clashes with the new guy, or he or she prefers their own team, you and your job could be on borrowed time.

• A Consultant By Any Other Name…
…Is still there to assess your job and your performance. While the movie Office Space captured the role of a consultant (and office layoffs) in wildly funny fashion, an outside consultant assessing you and your skills is no laughing matter. If a new face is suddenly just a bit too friendly or too interested in what you do, be prepared. Be ready to present what you bring to the table and what you do for your company. A consultant’s arrival doesn’t mean you’ll be losing your job, but it does mean your company is considering changes. You might also keep an eye on your stapler

• Put Me In Coach!
While a career coach is always a good idea, when the suggestion comes from your boss, it could be a subtle warning for you to start looking for new work. Granted, it could also mean your company wants you to be able to grow into new responsibilities but, either way, changes could be afoot. Don’t get caught flat-footed!

Individually, any of these signs may not necessarily mean your job is in jeopardy. However, if you see one or more of these indicators, it’s good advice to have your résumé up to date, your interview suit cleaned and pressed, and your interview skills sharp and ready to help you find a new dream job!


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