How Do You See Yourself?

Recently, I read a post about Perception on another blog and it got me thinking about what one hears often from people considering a career change.  That is, “I just don’t see myself as (insert career choice here).”

That’s why, if you’re at a career crossroads, a Career Coach can come in handy.  Why?  Because their job is to look at you objectively and help you find the career where you do see yourself succeeding.

How do they do that?  First, a Career Coach will assess you, how you work, and your strengths and weaknesses.  From there, you can establish a plan of action that will emphasize your strengths to help you achieve your goal.

A Career Coach can also help sharpen your game, be it your résumé, your interviewing skills, your job skills, or even your basic attire.  A coach can also be your biggest supporter, but also that objective opinion source who’s not afraid to tell it like it is.  And that’s an important part of how others, such as potential employers, see you!

If you’re ready to get into a different game, you need game-changing advice.  And helping you get on top of your game is what a Career Coach can do for you!


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